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WindWings: Multiverse Shooter

WindWings: Multiverse Shooter

by : developer
(0 Reviews) April 28, 2024
WindWings: Multiverse Shooter WindWings: Multiverse Shooter WindWings: Multiverse Shooter WindWings: Multiverse Shooter WindWings: Multiverse Shooter WindWings: Multiverse Shooter WindWings: Multiverse Shooter WindWings: Multiverse Shooter

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April 28, 2024
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There are millions of parallel worlds living on this earth instead of simply one. Every universe exists in a separate state with a unique living environment. There are always different versions of the same species in parallel universes. WingWings: Multiverse is a parallel universe that coexists with WingWings: Space Shooter. In this world, various monsters and heroes also possess entirely distinct powers.

Astronomers and scientists have devoted a great deal of effort to studying the possibility of parallel worlds. They gained knowledge of the interactions between various universes.
One day, a group of young scientists discovered how to use the space-time gateway to connect parallel universes. For the first time ever, mankind was able to travel between universes when they discovered a means to build a door that connected to another one.
This new journey represents a significant advancement in multiverse study and comprehension. In other universes, humans can look for opportunity, resources, and knowledge. However, it can also bring with it hazards and perils they have never encountered before by opening the gateway to another dimension. Humans must fight and ensure the balance between parallel universes continues to exist.


• Players will bring two fighter aircraft into the match; each fighter aircraft has its characteristics. Players will use the appropriate fighter aircraft each time.
• A wide variety of creatures with a wide range of abilities come from several universes.
• A wide variety of levels with a wide range of difficulties that players can freely encounter are updated regularly.
• A wide variety of fighter aircraft; each has a unique design and ammunition type. Players have vast combining and customizing options.
• Two self-propelled assistants are included in addition to the primary fighter aircraft to assist in enhancing assault power.
• Upgrade your fighter's attack power and speed with the most advanced weapons to resist powerful attacks from forces from different universes.
• The game's balance aims to appeal to both new players and hardcore gamers.
• Many additional pieces of equipment help the fighter increase its combat capabilities.
• A variety of tasks and attractive rewards
• Embark on an inter-universe adventure.
• A harmonious blend of music and images will provide players with an amazing experience.


• Touch the screen and move to avoid enemy attacks, shoot back and shoot them up.
• Click to change aircraft to suit each type of enemy.

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