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MadOut2 Big City Online

MadOut2 Big City Online

by : developer
(0 Reviews) March 02, 2024
MadOut2 Big City Online MadOut2 Big City Online MadOut2 Big City Online MadOut2 Big City Online MadOut2 Big City Online

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March 02, 2024
Vladislav Ivanchuk
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Complete freedom of action and communication with other players surrounded by visceral stylish Eastern Europe locations. Ready to be the next Big City Legend? Become a real gangster and join the crazy MadOut2 online family!

Gameplay for every taste:

1. Play with other players online in multiplayer mode (up to 200 on the server!) and in single player mode offline.

2. More than 30 story missions with awesome plot twists with insane crimes and mafia RP elements.

3. Online jobs: earn money together in a single world! Be a serious gangstar boss or lawful civilian guy!

The unique game experience with the open world:

1. A vast open world without restrictions in movement or actions: and it fits in your smartphone!

2. Different locations: from large city to wild desert. Streets, hood, your own world! Control it and make your gang stronger.

3. Unique style: post-Soviet aesthetics, familiar to many. Dress up for the post-Soviet thug life!

4. You won’t get tired of walking: a variety of cars to discover the world! Buy your cool car and take a ride! Driving or racing in this game is absolutely awesome!

Many servers for multiplayer with different game modes:

- Can’t stand any restrictions? Your choice is Free Roam!

- Want to create your own stories with other players? Role Play for you, friend!

- Ready to quench your thirst for speed and put your driving skills to a test? Welcome to Racing and Parkour!

- Crave for mass shootings in video games? Go to Cops vs Bandits!

Create your character:

1. Possibility to choose gender and basic appearance.

2. Advanced appearance customization: hairstyles, beards, accessories, etc.

3. Large selection of clothes. Replenishes regularly!

Choose your auto:

1. More than 70 types of cars - enough for everyone!

2. A variety of choices: from farm tractor to premium cars!

3. Detailed technical customization of the vehicle: engine, suspension, tires, etc. All customization affects the control and speed of your vehicle!

4. Vinyl System: Make your own masterpiece on the hood of your car. All external changes are visible to other players!

5. Racing with other players! Prove that you are the king of these streets!

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