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Baby Music: Simple Piano Songs

Baby Music: Simple Piano Songs

by : developer
(0 Reviews) May 26, 2024
Baby Music: Simple Piano Songs Baby Music: Simple Piano Songs Baby Music: Simple Piano Songs Baby Music: Simple Piano Songs Baby Music: Simple Piano Songs

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May 26, 2024
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The music is about to begin! Bang the drum, strum the guitar, toot the horn, and get ready for a jam-packed musical adventure! In this musical wonderland, you’ll play music games, use instruments to create melodies, play along with nursery rhymes, conduct your very own band, and host an awesome dance party for a crowd of cute little dancing monsters.

Designed for preschoolers and toddlers to experience the joy of making and listening to music. Your little one will love playing music games that kick-start their creativity, develop their sense of rhythm, and foster an understanding of basic musical concepts such as 4/4 time. It’s musical screen time that you can feel good about!


- FLOATING MUSICAL ISLAND: Jump into the dance party where you are the DJ! Place Gogo’s friends wherever you want and watch them dance to the funky beats.

- MONSTER MAKING MACHINE: Your dance party needs guests! Create an endless stream of adorable little dancing monsters to join in the fun on the musical island.

- MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Play the keyboard, saxophone, harp, guitar, drums, and xylophone! Just tap the screen to create music; get creative or go crazy — it’s up to you!

- PLAY NURSERY RHYMES: Follow the simple guide to play your favorite nursery rhymes on the keyboard, xylophone, harp, guitar, violin, or accordion.

- ROCKIN’ RHYTHM ISLAND: Choose an instrument for each character, when the beat comes, they will play it. Change the instruments as many times as you want and experiment with all the different sounds, from the guitar and cymbals to the quacking duck, party horns, and much more!

- MAGICAL MUSIC POND – Play a classic nursery rhyme by tapping on the cute little monsters as they float across the surface of the pond. Each tap plays a note, see if you can find the rhythm!

- CONCERT CREATOR – Pick a song, place the musicians on stage, and watch them rock! There are 5 places and 9 musicians, so must choose and experiment with different configurations.

- Ad-free with no disruptions, enjoy uninterrupted play
- Promotes creativity and boosts musical awareness
- Music mini-games, rhythm games, and nursery rhymes
- Open-ended play, no high scores, just fun and music!
- Kid-friendly, colorful, and enchanting design
- No parental support needed, simple and intuitive gameplay
- Play offline, no wifi needed — perfect for traveling

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