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MyMemo - Make Memory Games

MyMemo - Make Memory Games

by : developer
(0 Reviews) May 30, 2024
MyMemo - Make Memory Games MyMemo - Make Memory Games MyMemo - Make Memory Games MyMemo - Make Memory Games MyMemo - Make Memory Games

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May 30, 2024
App Family Kids - Games for boys and girls
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MyMemo is a highly customizable memory game where you can use your own photos, audio, and text to create educational matching games. With the split deck functionality you can even create decks where different cards constitute a pair!

- Designed by Swedish preschool teachers
- Create personal memory decks by adding pictures, sounds, and text
- Define pairs using same image or pairs using different images
- Play the game with 6, 8, 12, 16 or 20 cards
- Four built-in decks and five audio languages
- Intuitive child-friendly controls for play and create mode
- Child proof settings and edit lock mode
- Ability to disable sounds for kids with special needs

Split decks is a unique feature of MyMemo: the ability to create cards which match with each other based on a relationship instead of matching with its identical twin (e.g., “Cow” matching with “calf”, instead of the usual “cow” and “cow”). This feature makes it a flexible tool to use in a teaching setting, allowing teachers to re-enforce a wide range of relationships such as rhyming words, relationships between adult and child animals, big and small letters, colors, and more.

MyMemo is a popular speech therapy app since SLP professionals can create their own decks of cards with custom images or texts and audio recordings combined with the option to do non-identical matching. It has also been used with patients suffering from dementia, as a therapy app that helps the user practice their cognitive skills using images of relevant items and people specific to them.

The game comes with 4 high-quality built-in decks to get you started (Vehicles, Tools, Fruits and Vegetables, and Animals), with audio localized in 5 different languages (English, Spanish, German, French and Swedish). However, the real value of MyMemo lies in the educational and therapy possibilities offered by creating your own memory decks. For example:

- Ask kids to make their own deck based on a certain theme, e.g. seasons, colors, objects that begin with a particular letter, etc.
- Create decks where the audio recordings give fun little instructions relevant to the image, e.g. “bark like a dog three times”.
- Create split memory decks with items that rhyme with each other.
- Teach upper case and lower case alphabets with split deck.
- For SLP professionals, create decks for practicing certain sounds.

In the settings menu you can also turn off the edit mode, so you can safely pass the device to the user without risking any inadvertent changes. Additionally, you can turn off the sound effects in case you are teaching kids with special needs who may be sensitive to sudden sounds.

It is also possible to export your custom memory decks for sharing with other users or copying to other devices. To ensure your privacy exports are always password-protected with a password of your choosing.

MyMemo has a polished graphical user interface designed to be intuitive enough for children to use, making both the play mode and creation mode easy, fun, and educational for kids to use. What better way for children of a preschool class to learn than to build their own decks and then share with their classmates?

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