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How to Escape:Puzzle Game

How to Escape:Puzzle Game

by : developer
(0 Reviews) May 31, 2024
How to Escape:Puzzle Game How to Escape:Puzzle Game How to Escape:Puzzle Game How to Escape:Puzzle Game How to Escape:Puzzle Game

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May 31, 2024
DuDu Kids
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"How To Escape" is hotly launched, a very casual and puzzle game. In this casual puzzle game "Salt Fish Run", players will face a challenging brain burning task.

Our goal is to create a way to escape smoothly for all salted fish!

Players need to open their eyes, observe and think carefully, and wish each player a smooth customs clearance in advance!

[Game content]

Among these dot grids, lying a group of salted fish lying in different shapes.

Players need to move the position of these salted fish reasonably to make them swim from the grid and escape from the beach to the sea.

Each salted fish has its own mobile rules and characteristics. Players need to observe and think carefully to find the correct escape plan.

[How to help salted fish escape]

Operation prompt!

You can click on the salted fish to leave directly when the current prescription is unobstructed;

If you are blocked in front, you can drag the salted fish and rotate and leave;

You can use a prompt when you can't find the salted fish that can be removed!

Pay attention!

The length of each salted fish is different, and the head and tail must be moved in the point. You can only change the direction and location of the head of the salted fish.

"HOW to Escape" is your first choice for leisure games that wait for your bus, take the subway, and sleep ...

By solving the 'puzzle' one by one, players will gradually improve their thinking ability and strategy level.

Let's feel the fun brought by this game together! It is a brain -burning game that makes people relax!

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