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Toddler puzzle games for kids

Toddler puzzle games for kids

by : developer
(0 Reviews) June 01, 2024
Toddler puzzle games for kids Toddler puzzle games for kids Toddler puzzle games for kids Toddler puzzle games for kids Toddler puzzle games for kids Toddler puzzle games for kids Toddler puzzle games for kids

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June 01, 2024
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Learn and play with the farm and jungle animals in this free puzzle game. A combination of puzzle along with cute mini games will make your learning journey easy and enjoyable. This game is appropriate for kindergarten children. It will help them to improve their skills - problem solving, fine motor skills, memory, concentration, etc.


Animals puzzle for Kids – use your finger to assemble the animal and see them animate and make sounds. This puzzle game will make learning of animals names and sounds simple and easy for little children.

Mini Games:

1. Blow air in the silly animal balloon, watch them go up into the sky and bounce. Have fun by dragging the balloons around, but be careful of the flying bird as it can burst your balloon.

2. Play with the different cartoon animals and fishes swimming in the water. Touch them to blow air into them and watch them make silly faces and fly around as the air comes out of them.

3. Learn what animals eat by choosing the right food from the table. Does the mouse eat cheese or watermelon? Does the gorilla eat banana or cake?

4. We all love surprise eggs. Tap the eggs and see the baby animal hatch, you will love the cute animal babies and the sounds that they make.

5. The animals have had so much food that their stomach is full with gas and as you will touch them, they will fart.

6. Play a little hide and seek game with the animals. They are hiding behind the bushes and will peek for a moment and you need to touch them to collect points as fast as you can.

7. Trampoline jumping fun. Animals jump on the trampoline and collect the stars in the sky. You need to help them jump in all directions to collect all the stars.

8. Learn how to take care of animals, they need their daily hygiene as we do. Wash the dirty animals with some soap bubbles and then shower them to make them clean and shiny.


Simple and intuitive child friendly interface - making it easy for small children.

Colorful HD graphics designed for little kids and awesome animations to add that wow factor.

30 different languages and pronunciations.

Sweet background music and carefully selected animal sounds.

Balloon animation and happy cheering after each successfully finished game.

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