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Supermarket - Kids Game

Supermarket - Kids Game

by : developer
(0 Reviews) June 01, 2024
Supermarket - Kids Game Supermarket - Kids Game Supermarket - Kids Game Supermarket - Kids Game Supermarket - Kids Game

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June 01, 2024
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Welcome to our supermarket game. Children always want to be heroes. The Supermarket game helps children role-play as a hero to help their troubled Animal friends complete shopping for their parents. The game has interesting levels such as: picking goods from a list, machine stuffed animals, candy machines, picking fresh vegetables, packing, and delivering. In addition, children can also enjoy mini games: garbage sorting, Onnect, fun ball sorting, cashier game mode.

- Shopping goods: This level requires the child to be sharp. There is a list of items to buy. Children need to choose the right item according to the required list.

- Machine stuffed animals: Requires the ingenuity of the child. There were a bunch of beautiful stuffed animals. The child picks up your favorite animal. The game screen will end when the child picks up the mysterious animal, can click on the pig in the right corner to know the mysterious animal. The child needs to use the navigation button to control the robot, press and the blue lever for the robot to pick up the stuffed animal.

- Packing goods: In this stage, the goods will follow by the chain. Children need to put the goods into the correct type of bag for each item

- Choose vegetables: Similar to packaging. Vegetables will run on the conveyor belt. Children need to choose vegetables according to the animal's request.

- Choose candy: The cups with many colors will follow the conveyor belt. The child needs to pour the candy into the cup that matches the color of the candy.

- Delivery: The child needs to control the delivery car to go to the delivery point, each delivery point is marked with the letter "P". The child controls the car by clicking left and right.

- Catch the thief: The mischievous mouse steals goods in the supermarket. The child's task is to catch the mischievous mouse and give it to the police. Children only need to point at the mouse to be able to chase and catch the mouse.

- Sorting garbage: Children need to pick up trash and put it in the right bin. Let's join hands to protect the environment.

- Onnect mode: The child needs to connect 2 similar items using up to three seams.

- Funny ball sort: Children need to put-colored balls in the same tube.

- Cashier game mode: After making a purchase, it's time to pay. Children will play the role of a cashier, they need to scan the code of each item and place the money in the tray according to the correct value.

- Very interesting game and easy to play
- Lovely graphics with animal friends
- There are 9 mini-games with interesting screens
Our supermarket game is completely free, download and experience it now.
Wish you and your children have an enjoyable experience.

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