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Rich Hero Go

Rich Hero Go

by : developer
(0 Reviews) June 10, 2024
Rich Hero Go Rich Hero Go Rich Hero Go Rich Hero Go Rich Hero Go Rich Hero Go Rich Hero Go

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June 10, 2024
International Games System Co., Ltd.
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City under siege by alien forces, needing heroes more than ever! Unleash your inner hero, navigating the chaos with skill, agility, and courage! It's not just about saving the city—it's about reaping rewards worthy of courage! Aliens in UFOs attacking our city! Heroes from around the world need help! Use your parkour skills to glide, dodge, and sprint on subways and streets, collecting coins! Join us in repelling aliens and saving citizens!

Game Features:
● New Gameplay Features: Players can unlock new scenes through a combination of parkour and new roulette gameplay, controlling UFOs and battling for town defense!
● Embark on a Roguelike-style parkour adventure across unique cities in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and beyond!
● Run through subways, highways, palaces, and jungles, becoming the ultimate parkour star!
● Complete random missions in parkour races and win various rewards! Create your unique parkour route and journey with random and unique skill combinations!
● Choose from a range of exclusive city heroes, including the swift Black Panther and the surfing expert! Join the parkour chase! Fight to protect the city!
● New characters: "Sand Assassin," "Colorful Revelry," "Fiery Melody," and "Rainbow Dust."

Various Game Modes:
■ Treasure Mode: includes "Treasury Challenge" and "Treasure Hunt" mini-games for great rewards.
■ Classic Mode: Experience the classic feel of the game, with endless adventure and challenges awaiting you.
■ Battle Mode: Duel with other players in real-time, using strategy and speed to claim the title of battle king.
■ Rush Mode: Experience the thrill of high-speed challenges, a favorite among many skilled players.
■ Ability Mode: Possess unique abilities, devise personalized strategies, and take on various challenges in the game.
■ Battle Mode_Item Race: Use items like banana peels, squids, and missiles to interfere with each other, and see who can reach the finish line fastest in the chaos!

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