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Road racer : scifi city chase

Road racer : scifi city chase

by : developer
(0 Reviews) June 15, 2024
Road racer : scifi city chase Road racer : scifi city chase Road racer : scifi city chase Road racer : scifi city chase

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June 15, 2024
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In the pulsating heart of the sci fi city, a sleek, metallic robot pursued a daring biker through the streets. . Immerse yourself in a thrilling sci-fi city where a robot chases a biker through the streets. Experience the adrenaline of the chase in this futuristic adventure.

Experience the thrilling chase as a robot pursues a biker through a futuristic sci-fi city. Strap in for an action-packed adventure in this heart-pounding scene.

Imagine a thrilling chase scene in a futuristic sci-fi city, with a biker racing through the high-tech landscape while being pursued by a relentless robot. Will the biker overcome the obstacles and outrun the mechanical menace?

This is no ordinary race - it's a fight for survival against a merciless artificial intelligence that will stop at nothing to catch its human prey. Do you have what it takes to stay one step ahead, execute daring stunts, and emerge victorious? Strap in and get ready to experience the ultimate sci-fi thrill ride.

Game Features:

-  Embark on a an adventure across unique sci-fi city

-  Outmaneuver a relentless robot pursuer through winding futuristic 


 - Enjoy riding this futuristic bike

-  cool 3D graphics

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