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Gun King:Shooting Game

Gun King:Shooting Game

by : developer
(0 Reviews) May 18, 2024
Gun King:Shooting Game Gun King:Shooting Game Gun King:Shooting Game Gun King:Shooting Game Gun King:Shooting Game

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May 18, 2024
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When boring, if you can have a free mini game with super casual decompression, simple operation, and fun, do you want to download it?

"I'm Not the King of Gun" is such a simple operation, fun and addictive, casual and unzip -decompressed shooting small game! In the game, you can play with infinite levels. Even if you fail to break through the barrier, you can reconnect again. You don’t have to worry about the difficulty of the game and it’s not fun. It is a shooting game that allows you to relax.

※ Game characteristics
The picture is cool
The game interface is simple and cool, and the sound effect of the game greatly enhances the sense of urgency of the game and enhances your concentration.

Simple and fun
There is only one gun at the start, whether it is poverty or wealthy, whether it is customs clearance or failure, everything is based on your operations and choices!
To get more game gold coins, it is king through the level!

How to pass the level?
Aiming at the wooden barrel, precise shooting, every time you break a wooden barrel, you can get more guns to increase the damage value of the shooting;
The gun weapons obtained with shooting wooden barrels knock all enemies to prevent the enemy from crossing the red line and win the final victory!

Skill selection
The game process will encounter multiple choices, once the wrong consequences are unimaginable!
Want to "plane" change "rocket"? Choosing the right shooting strengthen props!
Weapons increase OR weapon downgrade, so I do n’t need to say more!
Radio speed increases and the rate of fire is reduced, you can consider it yourself!
Bullet shooting, range improvement, firing damage strengthened ... These can increase your gun damage ability.
Quietly tell you that the shot effect after the stack of guns and the upgraded screen after the gun is super cool! Let you shoot more than addicted!

The game will be simple but not boring. The experience process will be surprisingly surprised. The guns will continue to be upgraded to make the shooting more enjoyable. The obstacles and the enemy will light up! Hurry up and shoot the pressure to soothe the pressure!

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