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Solitaire Farm: Idle Card Game

Solitaire Farm: Idle Card Game

by : developer
(0 Reviews) April 21, 2024
Solitaire Farm: Idle Card Game Solitaire Farm: Idle Card Game Solitaire Farm: Idle Card Game Solitaire Farm: Idle Card Game Solitaire Farm: Idle Card Game Solitaire Farm: Idle Card Game

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April 21, 2024
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The game of Solitaire is now upgraded with a new mechanic: building farm. Unlock animals, buildings, and helpers who will help you collect products from the farm by earning money through playing Solitaire. It is a very relaxing game without all the mechanics of heavy IAP like other farm games.


_ Farm products are harvested within seconds! No need to wait for long hour harvest!

_ Unlocked farmers will help you collect the products automatically, allowing an idle farming style.

_ Gather hearts by chaining combos to unlock higher decks that yield more money each time you clear a solitaire stage.

_ A variety of animals and crops waiting for you to unlock them.

_ There will be a new world with new farm theme with different buildings, animals, and crops. Refreshing your gameplay experience.

How To Play Farm:

- A Cute Pixel-Art Ranch

Manage a miniature stock farm on a single screen.

No obnoxious dashing all over the place on errands.

Run your very own ranch filled with a jumble of little characters bustling around.

- Animal Areas

Clean up an animal area and populate it with the animals of your choice. There are different facilities for different types—sheep, cows, pigs, and more. Design a ranch rich in diversity.

- Wild Animals

Once you get some life back into your ranch, wild animals such as wolves, foxes, and rabbits may show up. Increase your friendship level and get them all.

- Overnight Guests

Your ranch has overnight accomodations. Depending on what animals and facilities your ranch has, different guests will come to stay. Level up your guest rooms and attract them all.

- Store

You sell everything from livestock to animal products here. Customers will periodically stop by to make purchases. Level up your store to get more customers and earn coins faster.

- Encylopedia

Lists your farm animals, wild animals, guests, and fish. Collect all the characters!

- Ranch Hands

You can hire six ranch hands and assign them to the guest rooms, animal areas, and silo. As they level up, they learn to help with more jobs such as harvesting, cutting grass, and collecting room fees from the guests. Station them where you like and leave the work up to them.

- Cute Helper

You can unlock helpers and upgrade skill to help you collecting coins, experiences and products.

How to play Solitaire:

- You can move cards with single tap and drag them to their destination.

- You can either play the easy Draw 1 games where most games are winnable, or if you feel up-to the challenge, try your luck with Draw 3 with Solitaire classic play mode.

- You can use hints, undo and especially shuffle feature to support your experience when playing.

- Depend on your scores (stars), you will get the gifts to increase numbers of the features.

Play the Free Solitaire Card, bring back old memories of the period of time when solitaire reigned supreme. Train your brain and solve the Daily Challenge.

Welcome to Solitaire Idle Farm, the most popular miniature style farming game on mobiles and tablets.

Surrounded by animals and friends, let's harvest more and more!

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