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Ragdoll Ninja: Shooting Master

Ragdoll Ninja: Shooting Master

by : developer
(0 Reviews) May 10, 2024
Ragdoll Ninja: Shooting Master Ragdoll Ninja: Shooting Master Ragdoll Ninja: Shooting Master Ragdoll Ninja: Shooting Master Ragdoll Ninja: Shooting Master

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May 10, 2024
ABI Game Studio
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Unleash your inner sharpshooter in Ragdoll Ninja: Shooting Master! Master the art of ragdoll mayhem with pinpoint accuracy! In this hilarious physics-based game, you'll embody a ragdoll ninja with a gun instead of a classic shuriken. Your mission: fling projectiles, shooting in impossible ways to take down your ragdoll enemies.

Here's what awaits you in this side-splitting shooter:

- Hilarious ragdoll physics: Watch ragdoll anemies flail, flip, and flop in glorious slow-motion as you unleash your arsenal of projectiles. Every hit is a comedy of errors, guaranteed to leave you in stitches.

- Strategic sharpshooting: Master the art of shooting, and aiming for environmental hazards to take down your foes.

- Level up your arsenal: Unlock an outrageous array of weapons, from traditional gun to exploding projectiles. Each weapon offers unique tactical possibilities, keeping the gameplay fresh and unpredictable.

- Conquer challenging levels: Tackle a variety of hand-crafted stages, each filled with traps, puzzles, and hordes of ragdoll enemies to dispatch. Test your skills and reflexes as you climb the ranks of the Shooting Master leaderboard.

- Hilarious customization: Create your own ragdoll ninja with a ridiculous array of costumes and accessories. From dapper samurai hats to neon pink tutus, the possibilities are endless!

- Ragdoll Ninja: Shooting Master is the perfect blend of action, humor, and physics-based mayhem. So grab your gun, stretch your limbs, and get ready for a ragdoll adventure.

Are you ready to become the ultimate Ragdoll Ninja: Shooting Master? Download the game now and let the chaos begin!

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